How digital marketing works

What is Digital Marketing?
The process of promotion in the digital medium of a brand, product, service, company or individuals is called digital marketing. The mediums used for digital marketing are online platforms like websites, search engines, social media platforms, email, video sharing platforms, online forums and mobile apps. The agencies that run these promotions on behalf of companies are called digital marketing companies or digital marketing agencies. Lighthouse is one such digital marketing agency in Bangalore that handles digital promotions for its clients.
What can a digital marketing agency do for you?
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Campaigns in Social Media, video & image platforms
  • Paid Campaigns in Mobile Apps
  • Content Development and marketing
The laying of the foundation:
The first stage of digital marketing begins with laying the foundation, that is, developing a company’s online assets. The most basic requirement will be a website and pages on social media platforms. These online assets will need to be optimised so that they are easily discovered.
The basic criteria are listed below:
  • The website should be user-friendly, in other words, should be UI / UX (User Interface / User Experience) optimised. UI refers to the smooth flow of information on the website while UX is the process that gives the best experience to the website user.
  • The website should be discoverable, that means that it needs to be Search Engine friendly. Major search engines have various criteria for ranking websites for search terms. This process of optimising the website to rank it for relevant search terms is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • The website will need a Call-To-Action. A way for visitors to get in touch with you. A Call-To-Action creates enquiries from the website users and can be in the form of an online chat tool, contact us forms, WhatsApp messaging and a phone call or an Email popup.
  • The website should be responsive on all devices. It should be optimised for Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile viewing. Current data shows that most website visitors view websites through their handheld smart devices.
  • Social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others is a must in today’s market. Depending on their target audience a company should also have a Youtube, Vimeo channel.
  • Capturing leads can be done with a CRM tool or a leads dashboard that keeps track of all form fills.
  • Optionally, a landing page is also developed that can be used as the destination source of all digital campaigns. A good landing page has multiple Call-To-Action options and contracts all the information that leads to a sale or a viewer taking action into a single page.
  • It’s important that all digital assets are error-free, both in coding and in content.
The purpose of a Digital Marketing Agency
Great emphasis is placed on the flow of information and the purpose of the website/social media pages.
Depending on the purpose (i.e) –
Will you be using the website to sell products, space, tickets etc?
Will it be used to collect leads/enquiries?
After taking into consideration the above factors, a digital marketing agency will come up with a customised strategy to help their clients get the results they desire.
How can websites build brand awareness?
A website can also be used to promote your business/brand. The process is called creating ‘Brand Awareness’. Digital Marketing companies use digital marketing to sell, create brand awareness and generate leads for their clients. Celebrities use digital marketing to sell services like work-out programs, dance learning sessions etc.
Initial Digital marketing process:
Digital marketing begins once the foundation (Website, Social media pages, landing pages, lead capture) is ready. Listed below are the processes that are done before the actual campaigns are launched.
  • Keyword research
  • Audience identification
  • Evaluation
  • Competitor research
  • Analysis
  • Testing
Keyword Research:
Keyword research is the process of identifying search terms that are used by users on Search Engines such as Google/ Bing/ Yahoo and others. These keywords are broad matched and specific matched based on the company’s product/service. The digital marketing agency draws up a list of performing keywords - both single words, and long sentence keywords (Specific keywords or tail keywords). Typical examples of short keywords would be ‘Primary Schools’ or ‘leather shoes’ and an expansion of these are called long-tail keywords. For example,‘Primary schools in Whitefield with ICSE syllabus’ and ‘leather shoes for women available online under Rs.5000’. A digital marketing agency or SEO Agency that provides Search Engine Optimisation for your website, use research, strategy and their expertise, to zero in on the most relevant list of keywords that will result in creating traffic to your digital assets.
Audience Identification:
The process of understanding your client’s specific audience is called Audience identification. The primary demarcation occurs between those who are tech-savvy and use the internet in their day to day existence and those who don’t. If your target audience uses social media platforms and surfs websites then a digital marketing company starts their second phase of audience identification.
Age & Gender:
Gender targeting is based on how your audience defines themselves-men or women or neutral. Gender targeting is greatly beneficial when a product/service is for a specific gender. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing agencies have the liberty to define their audience by age and habits. Will we be talking to children or teenagers or millennials or mature audiences? This is a basic classification that is based on the client’s product/service category. Emphasis is also given to influencers, actual users and decision-makers. For e.g, When buying a television, the parent or adult is the one who will be primarily paying for the television, but the decision to buy a certain brand may be influenced by the spouse, child, the parent’s siblings or his / her friends, neighbours etc. However, high priced products such as real estate involve numerous influencers. Before making the purchase the customer will confide and seek advice from numerous people like his/ her colleagues, relatives, friends and previous buyers of the property and surf the internet for reviews and comments. This is where Online Reputation Management (ORM) plays a crucial role.
This will depend on the area of operation of the product/service. Digital marketing can target digital users in very specific areas - down to the area pin codes they reside in. This process is also called geo-targeting. Specific targeting can also be achieved through socio-economic status’ such as - Urban dwellers, town dwellers or rural dwellers.
As a digital user, your data highlights your educational background. This is easily available as many social media users fill their education, economic status, profession and jobs on their social media handles such as Facebook or Linked. This allows companies to show very specific advertisements to their exact target audience. To state an example, a pharmaceutical company or a medical supplies company then has the advantage to target doctors and hospitals.
This is a broad category with numerous subcategories. A target audience’s behaviour differentiation can depend on his or her interests, websites he or she visits in, their posting, commenting, reviewing patterns, content they watch and follow, pages they regularly visit, do they make online purchases and if so, how regularly, do they travel regularly for business or pleasure and so much more.
Income Group and habits:
Digital Marketing agencies can define their audience based on their client’s annual income/household income. Spending habtits such as purchasing a luxury car or a two-wheeler. Using an expensive smartphone or buying luxury goods online. Dining in fine dining restaurants or travelling frequently and many such habits help determine the social-economic status of an individual.
Digital marketing allows one to plan campaigns with specific target audiences - much more than conventional advertising which results in far less spillage while delivering your message to the right audience group. This creates a better Return on Investment on your promotional budget.
Market analysis
Once the online assets are in place and you have done your initial keyword research and identified your audience, digital marketing agencies perform a study of your competition. This process identifies what the competition is doing in the digital space in respect to brand promotion, lead generation and online selling. This helps in knowing where one stands in the market place, determine the niche segmentation (What is your digital USP?) price points Vis-a-vis the market and competitors and the messaging adopted by the competitors.
This process aids in knowing where you are and what needs to be done. What messaging should be? What sort of advertising works? What specific platforms to promote in? And, what should be your promotional budget?
Creative & Content creation
Once the digital marketing agency has determined the messaging and the platform, it’s time to finalise the messaging and the creative. Will images or videos work? Does the content need to be friendly, business or corporate? Do we use a combination of images and videos? The process of creating communication and actual ads are handled by a creative advertising agency who works in close conjunction with the digital agency.
Once the creative is ready, all digital assets and communications are tested for optimum performance and campaign dry runs are done prior to initiating proper digital campaigns. The website’s, landing pages are checked for bugs and errors, the social media calendar is drawn out, the ads are then run for short periods of time to determine optimum daily budgets, right audience, time of day to run ads etc.
The creative advertising agency keeps track of the success of the campaigns so that they can optimise / change campaigns based on campaign performance.
Agencies like LighthouseIndia provide 360-degree solutions that involve creating digital assets, market research, creating the advertisement and using their expertise in digital marketing to promote your business. This can also be called integrated communication. LighthouseIndia ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together. The Through Integrated marketing communications we help integrate all the promotional tools so that they work together in harmony.
Campaign Planning & budgeting
Once the test results are in and the campaigns have been optimised to the maximum levels, the campaign planning and budget allocations kick in. Complex campaign planning where numerous ads are run in numerous platforms at varying times, with varying communications, in varying locations with varying budgets are managed by experienced digital marketing strategists who plan such campaigns with careful planning and constantly monitor the campaigns to get the maximum bang for the buck. Lighthouse’s digital marketing teams run complex campaigns that utilise budgets in millions. Once the campaigns are set, our digital teams constantly monitor and optimise all digital campaigns on a day to day basis.
Campaign Reporting
The client is sent periodic reports on the various campaigns, leads generated, traffic generated, budgets spent, engagements achieved etc to keep them up to speed with the digital agency’s activities.
Digital marketing has become an integral part of promotions and is a must-do activity in today’s marketing strategy. Digital marketing has swiftly replaced a large chunk of promotional space for more products and services. This boom has seen major growth in digital marketing agencies in Bangalore with a small percentage of them actually delivering optimum results by understanding the intricacies of digital marketing and strategising accordingly.
Lighthouse comes with decades of advertising, strategy, creative and digital knowledge that not only delivers a great platform for your products and services but also plans and executes the best digital campaigns that ensure best usage of your promotional budget, gets high Return On Investment and also maintains your brand integrity. Our well thought out campaigns don’t just assist you in sales and revenue generation but also ensures more eyeballs and greater exposure for your brand. With the right communication going out and Lighthouse’s digital and creative team to support you, all your goals will be met within the planned budgets. Talk to us for the best digital marketing solutions as we travel on the journey along with you towards your brand and marketing success.
Reach out to us now to have a free evaluation report of your current digital assets and an assessment on how digital can help you promote your brand or yourself. We will figure out everything for you.
Contact us: Click here.
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