How to promote your business on Facebook

Facebook originated as an idea when Mark Zuckerberg set out to solve the problem of creating a peer group online community for his college pals and a few schools nearby. Today, Facebook has a market capitalisation of over $500 billion, a 2 billion strong active user base while making Zuckerberg richer by $70 billion. The Facebook of 2004 (When it was launched) to the Facebook of now has gone through a major change.
Why is Facebook a great platform to promote your business?
Aside from its user base of 2 billion people globally, Facebook has also bought Instagram which has a 1 billion user base worldwide and Whatsapp - the popular messaging app that has a user base of 1.5 Billion users in 180 countries. Add to this a further 1.3 Billion Active Facebook messenger users.
Now imagine promoting your product /brand/service/ or yourself on the most popular platforms your target audience use. We are talking about billions of big potential target audience. The Facebook network provides businesses with the flexibility to advertise their products on stand-alone Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users or integrate business communications across platforms (Whatsapp Business is in its nascent stages and will be a full-blown advertising platform soon)
Numerous controversies have erupted in the wake of Facebook’s popularity, especially in the manner in which user data is captured and stored. The most controversial was the big data collection that uses precise user personal information, their familial status, their behaviour patterns and much more. But this collection of data has also made Facebook and its liaison platforms a great platform to run precision advertisements to exactly specified targeted audiences differentiating them right down to their age, location, education, profession, marital status, how many kids do they have to their behaviour patterns, the lifestyle they lead and their preferences.
Every campaign run on Facebook undergoes a period of learning - where Facebook’s AI kicks in to learn the relationship between target audience group selected, the messaging, the creative’s used and the money spent. This constant learning has helped Facebook garner more and more digital agencies using Facebook as the go-to platform to run digital ads and also has helped Facebook in estimating the website traffic and the number of leads that your specified audience mix and budget will generate. This knowledge helps businesses and Social media marketing agencies to plan their campaign budgets knowing what kind of ROI and output they can expect.
What kind of businesses use Facebook?
In our experience in catering to numerous businesses through Lighthouse (A digital marketing, creative advertising and website development company in Bangalore), we have seen all business, products and services verticals using and benefiting from Facebook advertising.
Do I need to spend on Facebook  Advertising?
If you are a consumer brand or into consumer services, you definitely need to consider Facebook as a promotional platform. As to the budget spend on promotions, there are two ways you can approach it.
A. Organically grow your Facebook audience and organically promote your business among the garnered audience.
B. Get a faster response by running sponsored ads.
Facebook’s audience network provides you with the flexibility to increase your audience and market to them (if your communication strictly following community guidelines) without spending a dime. Though, this process is time and effort consuming. For some, it might be too laborious as you need to be constantly at it and be very active in posting interesting, entertaining content and in responding back to queries. But there are numerous success stories on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp where people have organically built huge networks and successfully earned millions is sales and referrals.
The easiest method is option B if you are short on time and have the budget to spare. A digital marketing agency or Social media marketing agency can plan, execute and optimise Facebook campaigns for you. The user-friendliness of managing Facebook’s paid campaign manager can enable you to manage your campaigns yourself. But it’s much better to enrol a social media management agency to run your paid campaigns because they will bring an overall platform understanding, expertise, technical and strategical skills to the table and will aid you to gain the maximum output from your campaigns.
So once you have decided to go the organic way or the paid way, you can move on to the next phase of creating your ad content.
Listed below is what you need to do in both cases
Organic promotions - Content Calendar, Creatives, FAQ and a lot of online time.
Paid Campaigns - Digital marketing agency, creative ad agency, Website development agency, Budgets to run campaigns
Does it make sense to use Facebook for your business?
It does, owing to its detailed targeting, a huge user base, various ad formats and past experience of successfully using Facebook’s platforms by businesses worldwide.
So, if you have decided to use or try out Facebook to promote your business, be It organic promotions or paid campaigns - talk to the experts at Lighthouse to run a successful promotional campaign that’s bound to give you results. We use strategy, planning and expertise in managing numerous organic and paid campaigns on social media to drive sales and brand promotions for our clients. To know more about how can you go about it, sign up for a free evaluation and a free social media digital plan.
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